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    Alexandra Sacks, MD
    Alexandra Sacks, MD
    262 Central Park West #1a
    New York
    Zip Code:
    (914) 629-3340
    Upper West Side

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    Reviewed by 2020Review
    On 24-Apr-2020
    Subject:  Postpartum therapist needed
    Comment:  First of all good for you for reaching out for help. It is so so important. Alexandra Sacks helped me a lot when I was struggling with postpartum anxiety. She is a reproductive psychiatrist specializing in new motherhood. I don't know if she is taking new patients but you can try her. https://www.alexandrasacksmd.com/Also try the Seleni Institute.Sending wishes for ease and healing.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 22-Sep-2018
    Subject:  [ANONYMOUS] Therapist for PPD
    Comment:  Alexandra Sacks is in the City but specializes in this. She helped me a lot after my second child. she has a website and maybe she can recommend someone. Wishing you lots of luck and that you are persistent about getting the care you need.it’s hard to remember but Dawn always follows the darkest night.Wishing you lots of support.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 19-Nov-2017
    Subject:  [PSPWorkingMoms] Therapist Recommendation
    Comment:  I saw this doctor (although she is on the UWS) after my second was born: Dr. Alexandra Sacks: http://alexandrasacksmd.com/about/She was very good and helped me a lot. My only regret is that I waited until month 5 post-partum to go see her.(Review submitted April 2017)