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    Orchards of Concklin (Apples)
    Orchards of Concklin (Apples)
    2 S Mountain Rd,
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    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 07-Oct-2017
    Subject:  [PSP Dads Group] Apple Picking
    Comment:   We went apple picking last weekend. I'll tell you where NOT to go-- Orchards of Concklin. Their NYC farmers market stands are great. But the orchard experience was underwhelming. Other than the apple picking, which was fun, there wasn't much to do. There is a market that sells some apple and baked goods made there, but mostly fruits, vegs, and pre-packaged stuff, presumably so you can buy and then eat. But there were no tables or place to sit and relax. We had to drive another 10 minutes to a local park.