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    On 01-Oct-2017
    Subject:  affordable glasses for kids
    Comment:  We just got glasses for entire family at visionworks. They accept insurance if you have it. If not, they have special right two glasses for $99.My daughter has a pair of Warby parkers and they are scratched not even a year old. We paid 175$ and our ins. reimbursed $100.She recently decided to contacts but still wanted glasses for those mornings when she doesn't have time yo put them on.We went to Visionworks and they have huge selection to try on.She found a nice pair for under $100.I wear progressives and my last pair at Cohens was 400$! At visionworks it was less than 100$. So I got two pairs. Same deal with my husband. He also wears progressives and has spent well over 100$ over past years. He was happy to save some money this time around.I have friends use glasses.com eyevonic and other online services to cheap glasses. I like trying them on so this doesn't work for me.