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    Raoul Brown Photography

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    On 01-Apr-2018
    Subject:  Recommendation for a Photographer
    Comment:  As a single mom, I knew I wanted to capture the beginning of my very special relationship with my daughter. I reached out to year Raoul Brown, a former school colleague, who'd converted his passion for photography into a business. My barely-could-hold-her-head-up 3 month old and I headed to his home studio for the photo shoot where Raoul along with his sister-business that does make-up and styling, held me work through outfit choices, make-up, accessories and colored gels for the shoot. It was a nice treat for someone who'd been mostly in pjs and jeans for months. The team was patient and responsive to the needs of my family. We shot both indoors and outdoors and I was thrilled with the warmth of the experience, the quality of the pictures, and the timeliness of the delivery.In light of my upcoming marriage and the blending of our two families, we decided to get updated formal shots of the 5 of us and our 2 cats! Raoul came out to the house, set up, we had a couple of outfit changes and he shot every combination of family --just the couple, just the kids, each family of origin and all the sibling combinations.Of the many photos I have in our the infant shot of now 4yo still stops visitors most. Since our first photo shoot, Raoul Brown Photography has continued to expand with creative, affirming and gorgeous work. When you check them out at https://www.raoulbrown.com make sure you ask about both the sitting fee and the price for digital/print images.