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    "Pilates Zone invites you to reawaken your body this Fall with a Pilates private introductory session! https://www.pilateszone.org/
    Pilates Zone is offering a discount for PSP members for an Introductory session. Each 55 -minute session is held in a beautiful Park Slope brownstone. You will be the only one in the studio and will receive attentive, informative instruction to help you meet your fitness needs.
    After a difficult year on many levels year do you feel the need for self-care?
    Treat yourself to a private one-on-one Pilates session this spring and experience the breath, flow and strength of Pilates.

    Come reconnect with your ""center"" and learn the key principles of Pilates. Private sessions focus on core strength, stretch, and strengthening underutilized muscles. Emphasizing breath, flow and concentration, Pilates will help support your back and joints to enhance all your everyday activities. Erica addresses the individual needs of her clients, with an understanding that everyone enters Pilates with unique goals, injuries and postural issues.
    To book a session go to: https://www.pilateszone.org/book-online
    Erica Essner is a Pilates Method instructor, and New York State certified dance teacher. She takes an innovative approach to Pilates while maintaining the flow, breath and movement in which the original form intended. She has two Pilates certifications, the first from Ellie Herman Studio and the second from Peak Performance. She has additional studies in Sports Medicine, Orthopedic massage and her professional dance background, help compliment her dynamic approach to Pilates.


    30% off Introductory Pilates private session
    one-on one session includes reformer, mat and Cadillac equipment.

    Please book directly via email and I will create a discount link for park slope members to purchase their session.

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