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    Allyson Weinstein - A to Z Speech Therapy

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    On 28-Jan-2017
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Speech therapist for a toddler
    Comment:  We have had a wonderful experience with two separate therapists at A to Z Speech Therapy in Brooklyn Heights. We were originally with ErinHerzog for our then 3 year old child. They primarily worked on expressive and receptive speech delays, but I know she does a great deal of work on articulation with children as well. Fast forward to now, our 7 year old is working with Allyson Weinstein-Rosen at the same practice. She also does great work with kids on articulation (she is working with our child on executive function and language processing deficiencies).Both are absolutely brilliant at the work they do. I can provide specifics if you are interested, but I can honestly say that our child is in a far better position with his developmental milestones thanks to the incredible work of these two very talented therapists. They have also both been very generous with guidance over the years and have a great system for keeping parents involved in the work done in the office. They share very specific information about exactly what they are working on, and if you have the time to dedicate to working at home, they will provide you with a notebook to keep track of assignments to continue to review over the subsequent week.We temporarily went to another therapy practice when our child was 4, because for a stretch it seemed that Erin's schedule would not work with ours, and I cannot tell you have vastly different the experience was. The therapist could not/would not specify what they did in sessions, even with my clear request to have such information documented so that we could work at home. I never felt a personal connection to that therapist, and my child was very reticent to go. We LOVE working with Allyson, and my child is always happy to go for each week.Very few therapists accept insurance. Depending on your child's diagnosis and your insurance, you may be reimbursed if you process on your own.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 07-Apr-2013
    Subject:  Re: Do you love your Early Intervention Speech Therapist?
    Comment:  Allyson Weinstein at A to Z Speech Therapy is excellent. Our daughter adored her and made tremendous progress in speech and socially.