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    Kidmoto Technologies™ started in New York City in late November 2016 with the vision of providing safe airport transportation for families with small children.  Kidmoto is about helping safety-minded parents navigate the complex and hazardous world of unsafe airport transportation.    

    Kidmoto provides a solution to a real problem, car services and taxis do not provide installed car seats. Too often, parents are faced with the reality of just “jumping into a cab” with unrestrained children as they leave the airports, or traveling to the airports.     

    The Kidmoto app is easy to use, it connects parents to a network of professionally trained drivers who provide secured car seats. It’s safe, easy, it’s convenient, and drivers can provide up to 4 pre-installed car seats in 1 vehicle.    

    Kidmoto provides a fresh perspective on the day-to-day hardships that face parents. Kidmoto solved the problem by creating a network of professionally-trained, Kidmoto certified, drivers. In addition, parents do not have to travel with bulky and heavy car seats anymore, which is usually a nightmare and ruins travel experiences.


    We are offering a $10 off coupon for all services.

    Members will have to apply the coupon code "PARKSLOPEPARENTS" on the Kidmoto app or online to get the discount.

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