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    Chad Grossman

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    On 27-Dec-2016
    Subject:  Business review
    Comment:   I highly recommend Chad Grossman for speech therapy services. Having worked with quite a few evaluators and therapists for my son's delays for the past year and a half, Chad has been a truly remarkable provider. In building a loving, connected rapport with my just-turned-two-year-old son, Chad was able to challenge my son in ways that helped him quickly get past developmental milestones in expressive speech that he'd been stuck in for months - without it seeming like "work", just "play". Chad called upon his expansive modes of facilitation, intuition, and flexibility to understand my son's strengths, challenges, and optimum conditions for learning and provided a safe, fun environment to learn in.Chad was teaching my husband and I as much as he was my son, and left every session with practical, measurable ways we could continue building my son's language and communication skills. Chad was sensitive to our family culture, listened to our concerns and desires, and did a wonderful job dovetailing the work of our OT and PT. He held a holistic understanding of my son and buyoed up his self-esteem and sense of accomplishment in his learning. Our family was quite fortunate in finding and working with Chad.