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    Amethyst Hertsens - Peace, Love and Labor

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    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 16-Sep-2017
    Subject:  Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey
    Comment:  She is amazing, super knowledgeable and resourceful, positive and brings her whole self. Also does placenta encapsulation. She loves what she does and it shows.Based on a June 2017 birthing experience
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 11-Oct-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Amethyst is wonderful! She gave us private birthing classes based on hypnobirthing - it falls on the hippy side of things but it really helped me in labor. It is a lot of relaxation techniques and helps your partner know what to do. She is kind and nurturing and gave my partner the space t o be my main support but was a constant advocate for all of us while we were at NYU. Working with her took out the guesswork and also added a pair of hands during labor and getting to the hospital which was a huge help. I 100% recommend.Member notes about insurance: Does not take insurance but worth every penny.Based on a January 2016 birthing experience