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    A Day In Your Life Photography
    New York
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    917 214-6818


    A Day In Your Life Photography is a unique photography experience.

    We specialize in photographing the everyday interactions of your family's life

    over the course of a day, or a weekend. An afternoon at the park, preparing

    and sharing a meal, reading a bedtime story, etc...These are the experiences t

    hat bind a family together. Park-Slope based photographer and mother, Susye

    Greenwood, will spend a weekend photographing the poetry of your family's life.

    The result is a series of fine-art images that can be preserved for future generations.


    15% discount on any photo


    Review and Rating

    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 18-Jan-2013
    Subject:  Shout-out for a really (really!) great photographer
    Comment:  If you're looking for a photographer - please be sure to check out Susye Greenwood (A Day In Your Life Photography, http://www.adayinyourlife.net/) before you speak to anyone else.I've worked with Susye on a newborn shoot that was anything but regular in terms of results - the quality of her pictures is superlative, and she's made my family look beautiful (!), unforced, natural and warm. She managed to talk to my cranky three-year old and get her to calm down and sit for some awesome pictures. We've worked with other highly recommended photographers and super-expensive ones, and Susye's work blows them all right out of the water. Her turnaround time was super-short, and pricing really competitive, but at the end of the day it's her output that really sets her apart.I've also worked with Susye on one longer project, and I know she handled client tantrums and second-guessing very well (because I was the ever-hormonal client! :)). She's really good, and she's a local mom too.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 06-Apr-2012
    Comment:  My sisters and I hired Susye Greenwood of A Day In Your Life Photography as a gift for my mother, to photograph her 80th birthday celebration with 50 guests at a restaurant.Our concern was that whomever we hired would not be "in-your-face", and wanted the flexibility of doing some posed shots, along with mostly candid ones. Encouraged by another reviewer's experience of also hiring her for a party, and a comment on how relaxed she made even a usually up-tight relative feel, we pursued our interest in hiring her with a long list of questions via email. She patiently and thoroughly answered everything. She assured us she very much takes a fly-on-the-wall approach to taking pictures. That proved to be true.Though we were not sure what we would do with the photos (whether we’d want to make prints, a book, a slide show, etc.), she respected our desire to choose whatever options were available. She mentioned she would be able to make prints, or a photo box, and gave sample pricing, but we appreciated that she did not try to push us into products/services we didn’t want or need. When I inquired about the possibility of creating a photo book, she was honest about not having much experience with that, and said she would have to look into it more, if that’s what we wanted. The price she quoted for 4 hours of shooting was very reasonable compared to a few other estimates we got. And she offered us a PSP discount! She culled the shoot down to about 400 high quality tifs on CDs.Susye arrived at the restaurant even before I did, and had already made introductions with my sisters, and started shooting. She had an easy-going, friendly manner, seeming to meld into the nature of our family and guests. Even my mother, who was at first wary of having a photographer present, seemed to enjoy having her there. The results were great. She caught everyone--from my 7 yr old son, to a host of octogenarians--beautifully. She did not use any flash, as we were lucky it was daytime, with plenty of natural light pouring in. She took full advantage of the East River and Manhattan backdrop by taking a combination of outside shots along with indoor ones. She caught many sweet moments between people with them not looking directly at the camera, which can be a tricky thing. And she got around to everyone!Though it’s been several months since the event, and we still haven’t done anything with the pictures, I would not hesitate to recommend her.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 24-Jan-2011
    Comment:  I recommend Suze from A Day in Your Life Photography. She is reviewed on PSP Recommends and offers a PSP discount. I used her for my daughter's first birthday shoot and she is great.(Jan 2011)
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 06-Jan-2010
    Comment:  Being the person who is always behind the camera, I wanted to splurge on a photographer for my daughter's first birthday party which also served as her first Christmas and my older sister's birthday as well. As soon as I spoke with Susye from A Day in Your Life Photography, I knew we would be a great match. I loved the candid quality of her photos on her website and she asked me tons of questions about the venue, guests, what type of lighting to expect etc. She was on the job before the party even started. Susye was punctual, professional and friendly. When she wasn't taking tons of shots, she was getting to know the guests and was even able to figure out that my older sister tended to avoid the camera--she made her feel at such ease--something my sister mentioned to me later. If you are looking for a party photographer, Susye is your woman. i plan on hiring her again this upcoming spring for a family shoot in the park or our apartment.(Recommended 01/10)