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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 16-Nov-2018
    Subject:  Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey
    Comment:  The women who run Dinoking are so down-to-earth, smart, and full of love -- the first time we visited (on a Saturday when they had just opened), I forgot that I was inspecting a daycare because it felt so much like I was just hanging out with a couple of new friends. It was so relaxed. They have great senses of humor and often send hilarious pics of the kids doing weird kid stuff. And they truly love the kids, above and beyond their professional role. Often when I pick my daughter up, I'm the last one to arrive, and even though you would think they'd be eager to pack up and head home, they stand in the doorway, lingering, watching her leave, and laughing at the cute things she does or says. At the same time, they have a sensible approach to caregiving and I know that my daughter is also learning boundaries and values like sharing, etc. At a recent birthday party, some of the other parents and I noted how affectionate all the Dinoking kids were with one another; it's clear that kindness and affection are being nourished and modeled. On a physical level, the place is kept immaculate and was gut renovated prior to their opening in 2016. And the outdoor space out back has a full spread of toys and a garden that the kids all help maintain (whatttt?). A few months after my daughter started here, my job changed, putting Dinoking way out of my way -- it probably adds an extra 1.5 hours total onto my commute every day. I've looked at other daycares closer to us but never found one with as good a vibe or atmosphere, so we've stayed on. Oh, and a couple other things: homemade food -- real food, like couscous veggies -- are made every day, and one of the owners was a nurse in her native country. So, good health on top of everything else. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 12-Apr-2018
    Subject:  Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey
    Comment:  I visited about 20 daycares when I was pregnant and even had a spot at one but after two friends recommended DinoKing I went to check it out and loved it right away. My son started there when he was 4 months old and we plan to keep him there until he starts preschool. He LOVES Chemen and Aruz so much and has so much fun there, so much so that when we need to get him out the door in the morning we say "do you want to go to daycare and see all your friends?" and he says "yes!" and runs to the door. He naps and eats better there than he does at home and seeing how much they genuinely love him has made leaving him there all day easier. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Provides meals.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 25-Jan-2018
    Subject:  daycare review, Dinoking
    Comment:  My son has been going to Dinoking daycare since he was five months old. He's almost two years now, and we feel so lucky to have him there! Chemen and Arzu feel like family-- every morning they greet my son with a huge smile and he runs down the hall into their arms. When I pick him up, he's happy to see me, but often runs right back to whatever he's doing-- running around with friends, playing in the backyard, reading books, or putting together puzzles with Chemen or Arzu. The staff have a good balance of teaching the children how to behave as part of a group with structure and limits as needed, and giving out the hugs and love that a toddler needs. Their care is individualized-- I've felt comfortable sending my son when he's had special dietary needs, and Chemen has a background as a nurse-- she contacts us when she has a medical concern, and her instincts have always been right. Our son has learned so much at daycare-- he comes home with art projects and new songs and movement activities to show us. He's always well-rested, too-- Chemen and Arzu take naptime seriously and create a quiet, home-like atmosphere so the kids are able to sleep well. We feel so lucky to have found Dinoking, and give them the highest recommendation.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 16-Jan-2018
    Subject:  Review- DinoKing Daycare for Toddlers
    Comment:  I want to give a huge shout out to Dino King Daycare in South Slope for being such loving, patient, attentive and rockstar caregivers for my daughter since she was a little baby. She is now almost 2 and so so happy and thriving in their supportive environment. She is lucky to be surrounded by all toddlers her age, and enriched by the work of Chemen and Arzu, who are unbelievable in their gentle caregiving, and encouragement of each child's natural abilities. Every day at drop off and pick up, I hear laughter, singing and music. They have a once a week music class and have recently begun a spanish class. Along with that, they have been so consistent in introducing age-appropriate play-based activities every day, along with so much free play time. It's been amazing how they have been adjusting their curriculum to the kids as they grow. It shows how much experience they have, and how attentive they are to each of the kids under their care. They have a wonderful backyard that is a boon for outdoor play time with toddlers and provide wholesome, balanced home-cooked food. My daughter learns so much from them about kindness, sharing, learning to play with her friends along with encouragement to be herself. I attribute so much of her growth to the loving and secure environment she is exposed to at Dinoking as well as the work they put in leading by example. More than anything, Chemen and Arzu are just the nicest, genuine people that are helped by a very caring support staff. I am so so grateful to have found them and have been part of the community.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 23-Feb-2017
    Subject:  Review for DinoKings Daycare
    Comment:  We can't possibly recommend DinoKing highly enough. We came to them months ago after leaving a previous daycare, and we immediately knew we'd gotten it right this time. Chemen and Arzu are wonderful people; it's easy to see that they do this because they truly love children. They're always happy to see [my child], and he's always happy to see them. At the end of the day he's fed, rested and still happy. They have a musician come in regularly and lots of other great activities, and they're nap magicians. We have full trust in them and consider them valuable allies in raising our child. We're very grateful that we found them.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 27-Dec-2016
    Subject:  Daycare review - DinoKing Home Daycare
    Comment:  Arzu and Chemen of DinoKing Daycare have been taking care of my son, Evan, since he was 3 months old, and he absolutely adores them! I can't recommend them highly enough. They truly love the children they take care of and provide enrichment activities that help babies learn so much. Not only that, but they have also achieved what seemed like the impossible -- they got Evan on a schedule. I'd honestly have to say that he's been a much happier baby since going to DinoKing! I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 30-Jul-2016
    Subject:  Shout Out for new daycare in South Slope
    Comment:  I wanted to let folks know about a new daycare in south slope. It's called DinoKing Home Daycare. Two of the daycare workers from my daughter's previous daycare have opened up their own place. It's just getting started so there are spots available. The two women who run it are AMAZING and I cannot say enough great things about them. Chemen and Arzu are so loving, kind, patient, and organized. My daughter was under their care for the previous two years. She is also going to DinoKing part time over the summer. Their new place is on 16th street between 7th & 8th ave. Its new and clean and, most importantly in my opinion, warm and ready for kids! They also have a backyard and have a weekly music class. I really want them to do great so if you have any questions please let me know. My daughter has thrived under their care. Their email is dinokingdaycare@gmail.com. I know finding childcare can be stressful and challenging so hopefully this will be helpful to people.