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    Brooklyn Center Stage

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Jan-2020
    Subject:  Center Stage Dance Studio experience
    Comment:  Our 11-year old daughter has been taking classes there since she was 8 and has had a terrific experience. She’s explored different dance styles (ballet, hip-hop, jazz) and has had a blast. She’s now a member of their junior company and it’s a great group of warm, kind, fun kids. The owners (Heidi and Val) are lovely and supportive and, along with instructors like Davonna, foster a real sense of community. I read her this review and she said it’s exactly right!
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 30-Aug-2017
    Subject:  Re: Dance Class for Preschooler
    Comment:  Brooklyn Center Stage has some wonderful classes. My daughter took ballet there when she was 5 and we loved it.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 10-Jun-2016
    Subject:  Review of Brooklyn Center Stage
    Comment:  This is a shout out to Brooklyn Center Stage, a great dance school in Gowanus. They are located at 495 3rd Ave, corner of 11th St. My daughter has been taking classes there since the beginning of the year and we could not be happier with the diversity of programs, the truly attentive and excellent teachers (and students). It’s also been a revelation how cool 3rd Ave has become, with the addition of Table 87 and Surfish (each a short walk in opposite directions from the studio).In addition to teaching a great diversity of classes and dance types for children and adults (Ballet Boot Camp, anyone?), Brooklyn Center Stage hosts a 2-week summer camp for ages 7 - 12 that looks incredibly fun for anyone interested in musical theater. My daughter had tried out for Musical Theater during the high school application process but was competing against other students who had been taking dance for years, so she has been training with several of the gifted instructors at Brooklyn Center Stage in Ballet and Jazz classes in preparation for next year’s auditions. With the high level of great instruction she’s received already we feel confident she will get in next year.For what it’s worth, if you have a child even mildly interested in creative arts, it will only help them to be exposes to dance and creative movement while they are younger so they have that edge during middle school and high school applications. I highly recommend Brooklyn Center Stage and welcome it to the cultural hub of South Slope!