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    Columbia University Medical Center - Dr. Joshua Holden
    1790 Broadway, 12th FL (between 57th & 58th St)
    New York,
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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 09-Nov-2018
    Subject:  2018 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Dr. Holden was great - he was very experienced and knowledgeable, as well as helpful. He has a very calming demeanor and is very attentive to his patients.
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 09-Nov-2018
    Subject:  2018 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Pluses and minuses. Overall, I feel that Dr. Holden wasn't the right fit for me, but I do think he's a competent doctor. The plus is that he gives our his cell phone number and really is reachable and responds to texts frequently. He will often ask a patient to text him asking for results as a reminder. I didn't text him often, but when I did he was responsive and I liked having cellphone access to him. He is extremely easy going and his style is very "it's all fine, don't worry" in regards to just about everything. I was quite anxious during pregnancy and in the beginning, his carefree attitude was helpful but towards the end, I felt that I wasn't being looked at or listened to carefully enough. Indeed, my baby was born surprisingly small (much smaller than they measured me by sono at 36 weeks and I delivered just past 40w). I wondered whether more concern/looking into my worries would have shown anything-- but ultimately my baby is healthy and thriving. Also worth noting: there are many doctors in this practice but you only see your doctor for the entire pregnancy. The person who delivers you is whoever is on call that day of the week, so chances are, you won't have your doc at delivery (though if they schedule an induction or c-section, they will schedule on a day they're on). He did not deliver my baby and that was fine- he did check me and send me to the hospital before delivery.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 26-Jan-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey
    Comment:  REVIEW: Dr. Holden was fantastic! He was always willing to answer any questions throughout the pregnancy. He even provides his cell phone number to text questions to him (and he always responds). During the delivery dr. Holden and his team were also super helpful and answered every question/concern we had. Our delivery went pretty smoothly and I felt safe/confident with the level of care I received. INSURANCE Yes. I haven't had to do any paperwork. His office filed everything. Based on a December 2015 birth