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    Brooklyn Family Justice Center
    Brooklyn Family Justice Center
    350 Jay Street
    Zip Code:
    Downtown Brooklyn

    Amairis Pena Chavez at 718-250-5116


    New York City Family Justice Center Initiative
    The New York City Family Justice Center Initiative of the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence reduces barriers faced by victims of domestic violence who are seeking help.  This innovative program enables victims to meet with a prosecutor, speak with a trained counselor, and apply for housing and financial assistance in just one visit – all in their language while their children play safely in the next room.  By providing services in one location with partnering City agencies and community providers, the Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx Centers are increasing the effectiveness of service delivery to break the cycle of violence. The New York City Family Justice Center Initiative is a private/public partnership of the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization established to promote partnerships between the City and the private sector.

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    Comment:  Reviewed Jan 2015: I called them several weeks ago asking if I could drop off donations and they said they will not be accepting any donations for approximately two months because of the large donation they received from PSP.
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