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    On 28-Nov-2016
    Subject:  [PSP November 2013 Baby Group] Flu shots
    Comment:  We just learned yesterday flu shot appts at Tribeca are booked thru October!!!! City MD, that nice urgent care place across the street, has pediatric doses. Apparently they need to get two doses 28 days apart. Our daycare has a sign that all kids in NYC-licensed centers need shots by December.City MD also has preservative-free shots for adults. We just went as a fam and all got 'em.(review submitted September 2014)
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    On 27-Nov-2016
    Subject:  Re: Where for an 11-year-old to get a flu shot?
    Comment:  City MD offers flu shots.
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    On 27-Nov-2015
    Subject:  Re: [PSP] IiSO doctor who will see me and my husband today
    Comment:  CityMD or Premier Care? Hope you get better for your trip!