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    452 Union St
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    (844) 920-9990

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    On 09-Nov-2015
    Subject:  Review of Home Theatre (audio/visual) installer!
    Comment:   We just had an incredible experience with Doron and ExpertTech installing a home theatre in our basement. He was on time for our first meeting. He explained all our options very clearly and his suggestions, reasoning, timing, and pricing were all great. He came and did exactly what he said he would do exactly how he said he would do it. His is a turn-key operation -- he took care of everything, including drywall and painting. (He even fixed up some drywall that had needed patching for a long time!) At the end, he spent a lot of time explaining to each member of our family how everything works. And he clearly loves his work -- when he was finished with everything, he got so excited when showing off the audio and visual quality and was clearly delighted with how happy we were with everything. He even left his contact info if we had any questions in the future. We now watch movies in the basement with amazing video and audio quality and the kids can even play games on it. Also, we ended up paying FAR less than friends did who bought their equipment at a big box store. He has great reviews on yelp too.