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    10% off when you pay for package of 8 or more sessions.

    Did you know that encouraging and providing a variety of reading activities and materials can help your child become a more joyful, confident reader?

    Here at Eleanor Traubman Tutoring, it is our mission to help children grades 1-3 cultivate a lifelong interest in and love of reading.

    We’ll begin by identifying your child’s strengths and their struggles, their learning and social engagement style, and then, most importantly, what they like to read. We then customize the sessions to reflect that information. Our aim is to help each child to feel excited about and in charge of his reading, and to associate reading with joy and pleasure. 

    When it comes to tutoring, it's all about the details. We often have children bring books to the session that they enjoy. Sessions may also include games which allow them to build on word recognition and vocabulary development.

    We look forward to working with your family!

    Eleanor Traubman
    Email: ETraubman@gmail.com
    Phone: 917-499-7395
    Website: tutor.eleanortraubman.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brooklyntutor/


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