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    CHiPS (Park Slope Christian Help, Inc)
    CHiPS (Park Slope Christian Help, Inc)
    200 Fourth Avenue
    Zip Code:
    (718) 237-2962


    Denise Scaravella, Director


    mchipfran@aol.com or denise4chips@gmail.com


    CHIPS is dedicated to helping the poor, the needy, and the homeless as well as those in emergency situations. Programs include a Soup Kitchen, a Pantry Program, and a Shelter w/ 9 apartments for Homeless young women in the third trimester of Pregnancy, also known as the Frances Residence.

    Volunteer opportunities:

    Volunteers at the Soup Kitchen will help with food prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning. Pantry program needs volunteers to accept and sort donations and hand out groceries. The Frances residential program is looking for speakers/demonstrators/teachers for yoga, meditation, nutrition, budgeting, Mommy & Me, Arts & Crafts, resume writing, independent living skills, etc.

    Need donations of adult clothing, household items (pots, brooms, sponges), and toiletries. Also need food donations, both perishable and non perishables.


    Soup Kitchen Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

    Pantry program is on Fridays only.

    Volunteers can work any amount of time during the day.

    Frances Residence skills programs run Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 7 pm.

    Donation Drop off, Monday - Friday from 8 to 11am or 1 to 4pm.


    16 and up, school volunteer credit sign-off available

    Tax receipt available for donations.


    Can be dropped off at 200 4th Avenue
    Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M.
    *Clothing For Men ONLY (seasonal only)
    *Canned goods

    Review and Rating

    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 03-Jan-2020
    Subject:  Recommendations for local charities?
    Comment:  I also second the recommendation for CHIPS on 4th ave.
    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 22-Aug-2019
    Subject:  ISO donation center
    Comment:  You can call Chips at 200 4th ave. I believe there’re a lot of women with kids there so your donations may be very helpful to them!
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 27-Jan-2018
    Subject:  Good place to donate baby items?
    Comment:  I have donated baby and maternity items to CHIPS on 4th Ave, a small homeless shelter that houses women and their infants/children too. They have specific drop off hours so I would just call first to make sure you don't arrive when their doors are open for lunch etc...
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 25-Nov-2017
    Subject:  Re: ISO: food donation
    Comment:  CHIPS on Berkeley and 4th Ave would be a good recipient.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 30-Jul-2017
    Subject:  Donations
    Comment:  I would check with CHIPs Shelter on 4th Avenue. They may take the items.
    Reviewed by
    On 14-Nov-2015
    Subject:  Re: Place to donate baby clothes
    Comment:  Try Chips on 4th avenue
    Reviewed by
    On 08-Jun-2015
    Subject:  Re: Where can I donate baby clothes?
    Comment:  I've taken too-small baby clothes, diapers and some maternity and nursing items to CHiPS, at 4th Avenue and Sackett; they maintain a residency for homeless mothers and infants, and accept donations on Mondays and Tuesdays until 2 pm.(Reviewed May 2015)
    Reviewed by
    On 14-Jan-2014
    Subject:  Re: Where can I recycle linens?
    Comment:  CHIPS takes donations of used linens for their shelter.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 01-Jul-2010
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 01-Jul-2010
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 01-Jul-2010