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    Brandeis (Brandi) Johnson

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    On 13-Sep-2015
    Subject:  Posting a recommendation
    Comment:  I wanted to post a recommendation for a personal stylist that I have worked with, Brandeis (Brandi) Johnson - http://www.brandeisnicole.com/ or brandeisnicole@gmail.com. I worked with Brandi in her previous career as a consultant, but now consider myself a happy customer with no vested interest in her styling business.I've worked with Brandi twice over the past couple of years. The first time I was a new mom and was struggling to balance working full-time and my daughter. Figuring out how to dress my postpartum self was a daily headache and I had little time or energy for shopping. In a single shopping trip and a closet edit, Brandi helped me build and tweak a wardrobe that made it easy to get dressed in the morning and had me feeling confident and even stylish.When I got pregnant again, there was even less time in my life for shopping for maternity clothes. Brandi sourced clothes, did a ton of on-line shopping, and then came to my house to help me pick and choose what worked. The convenience was indispensable.Brandi really understands the wardrobe challenges of a pregnant and new mom; I was amazed at how many outfits she was able to assemble from clothes that weren't specifically maternity. She made sure I'd have a wardrobe that worked through all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, nursing and beyond. I can't think of a higher testament to her skills than that I was 9 months pregnant in August in New York and when I reached into my closet in the morning I consistently pulled out something easy to wear that made me feel great.I highly recommend Brandi's styling services for everyone, but perhaps most of all for pregnant ladies and new mamas. I never thought of myself as someone who would work with a stylist, but spending just a few hours with Brandi helped me feel confident and put-together for months.