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    Seven Nails
    Seven Nails
    95 7th Ave,
    Zip Code:
    Park Slope

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    On 08-Jun-2015
    Subject:  OT: Nail salons
    Comment:   While we're on the topic of salons, I'd like to put in a word for my neighbors at Seven Nails -- the owner, Stacy Kim, has been in the neighborhood for something like 20 years, and her business is suffering badly in the wake of two new salon openings within a block in just the last month, both offering "grand opening discounts."I can't speak for how Seven Nails employees are compensated, but more than one of them has told me (unsolicited) that Stacy is a kind and fair owner and "looks after them." Prices are modest (tips cash only), and polishes are along the Essie/Opi lines but you're welcome to BYO. I'm not a huge salon/spa person but I know the ladies at Seven Nails are hard workers and good people, so had to pipe up!(Reviewed May 2015)