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    Boris Dubrovsky, PhD - Center for Sleep Disorders

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    On 27-Aug-2015
    Subject:  [ANONYMOUS] CBT for insomnia
    Comment:  I went to Methodist for this. They have a sleep clinic and they did an assessment and recommended cbt. I was suffering from insomnia and I wanted to be able to sleep without taking ambien. It really helped me and I'm currently a therapist (psychotherapist, not sleep therapist) and I practice a lot of what I learned with my patients going through this. The doctor I saw was Russian, his name is Boris and his last name began with a K but I can't remember the full name.
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    On 07-Jun-2015
    Subject:  Summary: Sleep Specialist for an Adult
    Comment:  I'm not sure if they take Empire, but I had a good experience with Dr. Dubrovsky at the New York Methodist Hospital's Insomnia Clinic. (Reviewed May 2015)