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    Caree Cleaners
    Caree Cleaners
    646 Vanderbilt Ave
    (718) 622-8769
    Prospect Heights

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    On 11-May-2015
    Subject:  ISO: non-toxic dry cleaners?
    Comment:  I have been looking into this a lot myself. Caree Cleaners on Park Place and Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights is a wet-cleaning only dry cleaner. They don't advertise this, but they use only water-based solvents and a machine that only uses water, not perc, which is the main toxin to worry about. I don't know about pick-up and delivery, but it isn't too far from Clinton Hill. My daughter is going to a preschool next year that shares the building as this cleaner, so I got really involved looking into this. I spoke to them myself and they assured me they got rid of all perc machines in 2008, and the Dept of Environmental Protection inspected and certified this as well. Hope this helps!(Reviewed, April 2015)