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    Lauren Lieto

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    On 07-Jun-2015
    Subject:  Reco: Lactation Consultant Makes Home Visits
    Comment:  I had such a wonderful experience with Lauren Lieto, a lactation consultant who makes home visits. She's such a sweet heart, so thorough and extremely helpful with any question. She spends time with you watching the baby latch, nurse or attempt to nurse depending on how things are going and has so many tips that are helpful. She also weighs the baby before and after to see how much they're eating. Most of all, she is free and available to help before and after the consultation. She sent me a few links before the visit and helped me cure Oliver's fear of the right boob;) and clear a bleb- white spot on the nipple. She also sends follow up info after the visit and sends a full write up to the pediatrician.Best of all, if you have Aetna, she's covered!(Reviewed May 2015)