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    Audrey Buxbaum, MD
    568 Broadway Suite 304
    New York
    Zip Code:
    (212) 966-7600

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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 30-Jul-2016
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Advice and Dr. recs for perimenopause
    Comment:  I too am peri menopausal (a phase that can start in your 40's and last ten years). You are officially in menopause when you don't have a period for a year. After not getting my period for a 6 month stretch, I asked my OBGYN for advice. Since I was 43 at the time, which is only the early side for peri menopausal symptoms, she recommended going to see Dr. Audrey Buxbaum in the same practice (Downtown Women's OBGYN in soho). Dr. Buxbaum has an interest in peri menopause. I found her extremely informed and extraordinarily patient. I luckily never experienced night sweats but did have hot flashes, trouble sleeping through the night and general crankiness.It's unfortunate but this phase is definitely not talked about much. You are as hormonal as when you are a teenager, and yet there's all this pressure to hide these symptoms. I found Silent Passage, a book on menopause, while a bit dated, very informative and showed me that all this stuff I was experiencing wasn't just in my head.
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    On 28-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Re: [PSP] Re: Looking for a GYN recommendation?
    Comment:  I would recommend Dr. Audry Buxbaum, she delivered my first son and now does not deliver babies anymore and focuses on GYN care. SHe is with Downtown Women OBGYN in Soho, just off the F train. Holistic, qualified and super nice. She is also a Park Slope mom. Dr. Dorothy Min is also great, same practice.