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    New York Presbyterian Hospital - Sloane Hospital for Women
    New York Presbyterian Hospital - Sloane Hospital for Women
    3959 Broadway

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    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 18-Apr-2017
    Subject:  Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey
    Comment:  L&D was beautiful/great view, great nurses. So pleased. Post partum rooms are small(even private rooms), nurses were great. Was happy to leave though.Based on October 2016 birth experience
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 03-Nov-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey
    Comment:  This is an exceptionally fantastic hospital. Super clean, incredible nurses, I somehow got a room to myself BOTH nights of my stay. AMAZING!Based on April 2016 birthing experience
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 15-Oct-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Recommend?RecommendReview:Great care all around. Excellent nurses and doctors. We delivered in the hospital, we're induced, and the rooms were large private, never felt like they were rushing us to get out i.e. Heard stories about other hospitals trying to encourage c sections as a way to get people out of the rooms- this did not happen even remotely. Had to spend time in the NICU unfortunately and staff made what was a horribly scary situation better. That said, we were transferred to NY Presbyterian uptown on east 68th because we needed tests done that couldn't be done downtown (they didn't have the necessary equipment because they are a much smaller hospital). I was okay wth that but some might not like that their NICU cannot do everything.Advice:Go on a tour beforehand, it's nice to know where everything is. Private postpartum rooms are available on a first come first serve basis (you have to pay) and even if there is a wait chances are a room will open up. The shared postpartum rooms are tiny. They told us they are in a transition process and will be making more of the shared rooms private soon.Member notes about insurance:No issues with insurance.Based on a February 2016 birthing experience
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 06-Feb-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey
    Comment:  The labor room was spacious and lovely, with big windows. The nurses across the board were wonderful. We opted for a private recovery room which was expensive but totally worth it. In the days following the birth, I met with all three of the lactation consultants on staff who had useful information. Recommend? Recommend Insurance: Insurance process has been totally smooth.Based on a 2015 birth.
    Reviewed by
    On 22-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience
    Comment:  Member Review: Delivery floor was beautiful. Views of the city, clean and lots of space. The nurses were wonderful, attentive and competent.The post delivery room was small and dated with decor, but I lucked out on having single room and the nurses were pleasant. Each nurse taught me different things and I left overall feeling like i understood what I needed to do, but i wonder if I hadn't asked quesitons if it would have been the same experience. The food is not great, but there were option in the neighbourhood and there was a fridge in the room. As well, because it was a single room my husband was welcome to stay over (i'm told if you're in a double that is not an option).You are given the choice to have the baby sleep in the room with you, or in the nursery. There are lactation consultants, but as my insurance didn't cover it she briefly checked in (I wasn't needing her help at the time and the nurses were very helpful with education). Overall great experience. I worry if I had not had a single room if it would have been a different experience. Do you recommend? Highly recommend Insurance details: Because my doctor accepts this insurance, the hospital accepts it. There were challenges once the baby was born, but it was easy to get cleared up with the hospital's accounting department.(Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)