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    Miriam Barlow, Certified Rolfer

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    On 14-Nov-2015
    Subject:  Shout out for post-natal body work!
    Comment:  I started working with Miriam Barlow (Rolf New York) at her Park Slope practice after my son was born. I didn't not know much about Rolfing, except that it could help me reset some body related woes that came out of motherhood that massage couldn't permanently sort out. Miriam has been amazing. Not only is she is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy, she really takes the time to listen to you (AND your body) and explains what she is doing and how it will help.While I had a great, healthy pregnancy my body was still pretty out of whack from carrying so much weight, 9 plus months of loosening of ligaments, and changes to my pelvis. Throw many hours of odd nursing postures into the mix and you get the picture. My body was constantly tired, I had regular pain in my shoulders and neck from nursing, and persistent issues with my pelvic floor and sacrum from pregnancy.What I've noticed since I've been working with Miriam is that my body feels better balanced, lighter and taller (as she said would happen), and that the sum of my parts are coming together to help me move more freely. It's like my body is a set of cupboards and she's been helping to put everything back where it properly belongs.I'm in less pain, my body structure feels re-aligned, and I also feel more energized, which at this point in motherhood, feels nothing short of a miracle. I wonder if she has a trick for getting my toddler to sleep through the night....Huge praise for Miriam and her practice. She's a new mother's dream.Just wanted to spread the word! www.rolfnewyork.comShe practices in the slope and on the UES.