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    Chrysalis Acupuncture
    Chrysalis Acupuncture
    928 Broadway #801
    New York

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    On 07-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Re: [PSP] ISO of Acupuncturist in Chelsea only
    Comment:  I went to chrysalis acupuncture when it was in the east village for a while to help cope with my intense and debilitating chronic pain. Deborah was amazing and I highly recommend her.She has since moved to The flatiron district (23rd and broadway). I know you said Chelsea, but since I don't know where in Chelsea you are starting out, this distance may suffice. (I used to live on 7th and 24th, so this would be easier to get to from Chelsea then heading over to some place on 10th. Plus, I think she is worth the extra ave or two.)Best acupuncturist I've ever seen by leaps and bounds.(Reviewed Jan 2015)