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    Molly Magnuson

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    On 07-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Re: ISO: photographer
    Comment:  Molly Magnuson is great. She is a Windsor Terrace mom and I am sure she would be reasonable.
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    On 28-Dec-2014
    Subject:  Very Talented Family Photographer!
    Comment:  We had a family photo shoot with Molly Magnuson of Dear Family, and I feel the need to give her a big shout-out! She is so talented AND a pleasure to work with: professional, pleasant and easy-going. And she got our amazing pictures back to us in a week. I can't recommend her enough!
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    On 07-Dec-2014
    Subject:  Family photographer recommendation -- Molly Magnuson
    Comment:   Just wanted to take a moment to recommend Molly Magnuson if you are looking for family photos or head shots. She's done both for me, and ranks as the best photographer I've ever worked with. The photo she took of me and my son is something I will treasure forever. (November 2014)