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    Jennifer Donnolo

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    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 22-Jan-2016
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Brooklyn therapist with weekend or evening hours?
    Comment:  Try Jennifer Donnolo, I know she has weekday evening hours and her office is right near Borough Hall.
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    On 17-Aug-2014
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Couples therapist/therapy ideas
    Comment:  Ugh, I'm sorry you're going through this. My marriage faced similar struggles when we had our child nearly 3 years ago and we were trying to navigate being new parents, newly married and me being in a new phase of my professional life. I was basically at breaking point and ready to leave the relationship when we finally committed to going to therapy. We have been working with Jennifer Donnolo for a little over a year and it (and she) have really saved our marriage. In my opinion, therapy is worth much more than a book, even though I'm sure there are great books out there. But the practice of going somewhere once a week together to work on your relationship is very powerful in itself, knowing that your partner is willing to at least show up for that is comforting. I think it's important to find a therapist that you both trust and connect with, we both really love Jen and that's been helpful, too. Be warned, it's hard work. But worth it, no matter what you decide to do in your relationship. Good luck.(July 2014)