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    SevenBell Fitness

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    Reviewed by Rachel Maurer
    On 23-Sep-2014
    Subject:  August 12, 2014
    Comment:  Seven Bell fitness is a fantastic gym, and one that I would recommend to anyone seeking a professional atmosphere that is still intimate; a gym experience for people who don't like the big corporate gyms, and prefer a more personalized, focused approach to each member's growth and achievement of goals. I've been training with the owner Jesse and have had a great experience there; the gym schedule is perfect for busy, working parents, the facility is brand new and well laid out; with a nice variety of spin class and other offerings for members. I highly recommend this gym for anyone wanting to get back in the game, tone, lose weight, train with extremely talented trainers, and achieve their fitness goals.
    Reviewed by Rachel Maurer
    On 15-Jul-2014
    Subject:  July 8
    Comment:  This gym is great! I've been training with Jesse B. for months. We started working together when I was 5 months pregnant and started training again 6 weeks after I delivered. With his help, I was able to keep my weight gain relatively low, increase my strength, and limit any flare ups of my pre-existing back problems throughout my entire pregnancy. Jesse adjusted our training program along the way to ensure that the workouts were always appropriately challenging, but also safe for whatever point I was at in my pregnancy. He also always brought a great sense of humor to the table. I'm convinced that our work together played a big role in me having a safe and uncomplicated delivery. In the year since then, with Jesse's help/encouragement, I have been able to lose the baby weight...and then some. I'm feeling healthy, fit, and toned - a necessity for chasing after my very energetic (and now mobile!) toddler. I would recommend Jesse to anyone looking for a prenatal/postnatal training regiment to help keep them healthy before, during, and after delivery. I would also recommend the gym itself. It's a new small business in Brooklyn and is clean, cheaper than other nearby gyms, and all the equipment is new.