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    Rachel Levin

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 22-Jan-2019
    Subject:  Recs for Shopping Help
    Comment:  I can wholeheartedly recommend Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style. She is my friend, but she has been in this business for ages and truly has a gift. She is sensitive and intuitive. As a present to me post-pregnancy, she gave me a few sessions and it really opened my eyes to appreciating my body and embracing my own look. She can do the purchasing for you and bring you options to choose from or she can take you out shopping. That was super helpful to have an eye with me. Also, she can help you edit your closet and develop a signature look.
    Reviewed by
    On 09-Apr-2014
    Subject:  Stylist Recommendation
    Comment:  I'd like to recommend Rachel Levin to anyone who is looking for a stylist/shopper/fashion fixer. I'm a very happy customer and want to share my experience in case anyone is considering this. After a difficult recovery from my pregnancy, I realized that it had been close to two years since I had shopped for anything new - and most of the things left in my closet didn't really fit the way that they used to. I really needed some help reviving my look, but didn't have the time to shop or the right eye to figure out what would work for me, and certainly did not have the luxury of getting myself ready in the morning in the way that I used to. Essentially, I needed a closet filled with uniforms that I could grab with my eyes closed, and still feel pretty and put together. Rachel and I did three things that were perfect for helping me get myself together and feel confident about getting dressed - she sorted through my existing clothes, took me shopping to fill in the gaps, and helped lay out complete outfits that I could easily recreate by myself. Rachel helped me go through my entire closet, trying on everything and sorting into Keep, Requires Alterations, and Donate. As simple as it sounds, going through that exercise with someone who was honest about something fitting awkwardly or being out of style was so helpful, and not something I was able to do myself. She never made me feel awkward about my body, and was genuinely excited to help me figure out what works for me. She even went though my accessories, focusing on belts and jewelry, and she gave me practical ways to use what I had and suggestions for things to purchase to fill in the gaps. After working with Rachel, I now belt almost everything, and it helps me feel so put together. After we got a good sense of what was missing, we went shopping. Rachel helped me pick out interesting basics that still felt like me, but the prettier version of me. She really listened and understood what my lifestyle was like and my limitations, and didn't try to push me to dress like a different person. She was very respectful of my budget, and made sure that I knew what to look for on my own so that I could re-build my wardrobe as money was available. Armed with my curated old stuff and my new stuff, Rachel laid out sample outfits for me and showed how the different pieces worked together. I'm sure some people think that's a really simple concept, but it wasn't for me. I had never used a stylist before working with Rachel, but I can definitely say she was worth it. I now have a signature style (printed blouses and slim pants, which work well at work and at home) that I'm known for!