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    BONAFI (Prospect Lefferts Gardens)
    BONAFI (Prospect Lefferts Gardens)
    663 Flatbush
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    Prospect Lefferts Gardens

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    On 27-Mar-2014
    Subject:  New Cafe & Flower shop just opened across from Playkids in PLG!!!
    Comment:  There's a Cafe & Flower Shop near Parkside across from Playkids that had its soft opening last week!!! For those days when you don't want to wall ALL :-) the way to Lincoln Rd for a sit down cafe or treat yourself to breakfast or lunch out, its a lifesaver! One of the owners is Italian so the coffee & food is simple & delicious and for the Mamas & Papas there's tons of space for strollers and toddlers to run about & they have a backyard as well! SOOO great that some of these empty spaces that were hair salons are opening up to serve the community. I mean, a flower shop! Yaii!