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    Meema Spadola

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 29-Mar-2019
    Subject:  2019 Birth Survey
    Comment:  She is a post partum dola and was a great resource for when we came home from the hospital. From making sure we were eating, to organizing the kitchen, to identifying my son wasn't latching correctly and helping me find a lactation consultant through my insurance, she was great!!!
    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 15-Nov-2018
    Subject:  2018 Birth Survey
    Comment:  Meema was exactly what we were looking for: someone who could give first time parents guidance on the basics - bathing, gear, feeding, baby wearing, sleep. She was also incredibly helpful when it came to breast feeding including a pumping plan for going back to work. I highly recommend her for peace of mind, and for a trusted resource to call on with questions.
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 05-Sep-2017
    Subject:  [January2017babies] Postpartum Doula
    Comment:  Meema Spadola! She was wonderful
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 23-Apr-2017
    Subject:  Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey
    Comment:  She's very knowledgeable but a little overly opinionated it was helpful for me because I had no what I was doing and wanted someone with strong certain advice. She also has lactation consultant training which was particularly helpful to me.Based on February 2017 birth experience
    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 12-Apr-2017
    Subject:  [PSP Spring 2016 Babies] Pls send Post-Partum Doula/Baby Nurse Recommendati...
    Comment:  We loved Meema Spadola. She’s great and helped us so much!(Review submitted 2/2017)
    Reviewed by
    On 28-Feb-2015
    Subject:  Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience
    Comment:  Member Review: Meema was great. She helped us get settled in our first night home from the hospital, helped me handle some breast feeding crises as well as taught us how to bathe our son for the first time, how to use a carrier etc. We have recommended her to several friends! Insurance details: Doesn't take insurance that I know of(Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)
    Reviewed by
    On 27-Mar-2014
    Subject:  postpartum doula referrals??
    Comment:  I second Meema! Loved having her during the the second week, once all the family had left and DH was back at work.
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    On 27-Mar-2014
    Subject:  postpartum doula referrals??
    Comment:  Meema Spadola is wonderful!