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    Integrative Health NYC - Deborah Barbiere, PsyD, LAc, MSTOM

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    On 12-Apr-2015
    Subject:  Re: [ANONYMOUS] Looking for therapist with weekend hours
    Comment:  Deborah Barbiere is amazing. She's been my therapist since 2009 at least, and has seen me through a variety of issues- including major postpartum problems. For work/life type issues she really is the perfect combination of help with both practical and philosophical/spiritual aspects of things. She is understanding and also very honest and trustworthy.She does therapy and also can help with physical wellness- she does women's health related acupuncture, so she was also able to induce my second child.While her office is in Manhattan it's downtown close to the F train; but if that's an issue you could contact her and see if she could fit in housecalls for you.(Reviewed March 2015)