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    Reviewed by 2017Review
    On 29-Apr-2017
    Subject:  Shout out
    Comment:  This is a shout out for the New Leaf Yoga and Pilates studio on Prospect Park West and Ninth St. I especially want to recommend their post-natal Pilates class. I have no affiliation with the studio- I just really like the class and think more women should benefit from what Nadia has to offer. I think her class really contributed to the closing of my diastasis. Class is Tuesday mornings at 11:15am and you can bring your baby or not.
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 22-Oct-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey
    Comment:  I loved the prenatal Pilates class with Nadia at new leaf! It's very small so you get personalized attention, and she takes notes on your progress and your pregnancy so she can customize the class each time you attend. Highly recommend!Based on a march 2016 birthing experience
    Reviewed by 2016Review
    On 12-Feb-2016
    Subject:  Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey
    Comment:  I took these classes all through my third trimester and it was the only thing that helped with the aches and pains of those final weeks. So peaceful and restorative!Insurance: no but it's only about $15/classBased on a 2015 birth
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    On 11-Nov-2014
    Subject:  Local business review
    Comment:  New Leaf Yoga/Pilates is a local gem! Nadia and her staff are extremely experienced and thoughtful teachers. The bright studio is beautiful, the small class sizes mean you get personalized attention, and their early morning classes allow you to get in a workout before your day begins. This place is not just for women wanting pre- and post-natal classes. It is great for anyone at any age and any level. Their workshops are fantastic too. We are lucky to have them in the neighborhood!
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    On 06-Jul-2014
    Subject:  Review of New Leaf Yoga & Pilates
    Comment:  I am an expectant mother and would like to recommend New Leaf Yoga & Pilates, newleafbody.com, on 9th Street in Park Slope. This is a really pleasant, tranquil space. I recently began attending their prenatal pilates class on Fridays and am already feeling the benefits in my body. Class sizes are small and the instructor gives students individual attention, so it often feels like a private class. Nadia teaches the prenatal pilates class and she's very knowledgable as well as warm. In addition to working on gently strengthening the body for pregnancy, we work on building strength for handling baby after birth. I appreciate how New Leaf has helped me and hope to see them stick around for a while!
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    On 25-May-2014
    Subject:  Shout out: New Leaf
    Comment:  I second [the] recommendation. Love New leaf for it's clean, bright and well run space and Nadia is a fantastic instructor and resource.
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    On 25-May-2014
    Subject:  Shout out: New Leaf
    Comment:  New Leaf is a new-ish fitness studio on 9th St & PPW. It's a small, intimate place, with an absolutely fabulous founder/instructor in Nadia. I have various injuries and sensitivities that I have to work around, and her thoughtful, focused approach to Pilates has really helped me strengthen without suffering.Please try this studio - I hear their yoga classes are great too!I have no financial stake in the studio or its success, but I selfishly want to see this place succeed, if only because the location is so convenient for me!
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 11-May-2014
    Subject:  Shout out: Prenatal Yoga class @ New Leaf
    Comment:  I wanted to share that I've been taking this class and it's great!I saw the listing in the group and the timing was perfect for me so I thought I would check it out. Laura is a thoughtful and thorough instructor. If any other preggers are looking for a midday class, I definitely recommend Laura's class.
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    On 16-Feb-2014
    Subject:  shout out for post-natal pilates and other classes at New Leaf
    Comment:   just wanted to spread the word about New Leaf - a new, locally-owned pilates and yoga studio in Park Slope (corner of PPW and 9th st). I stumbled upon Nadia's Post-Natal Body Bounce Back class which has been amazing, restorative and exactly what my post-baby body needed! If you're trying to get back into shape after pregnancy, or even a few years post-pregnancy and just looking for a supportive place to do some exercise, I cannot recommend New Leaf more favorably! I have no affiliation with New Leaf - just a happy client!