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    Scott Lyons, Cranio-Sacral Therapy

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    On 20-Sep-2014
    Subject:  Recommendation: Scott Lyons Cranio-Sacral Therapist & Infant Developmental Movement Education
    Comment:  Just in case anyone out there is looking for a cranio-sacral therapist and/or a developmental movement specialist for their child (or themselves!), I can happily recommend Scott Lyons, in North Slope.I contacted him when my infant was having terrible sleep-trouble, and he has been an incredible help and resource both for my boy, and now for the whole family. My son's sleep has improved immeasurably, and even more I've seen the way Charlie seems to integrate all he is learning (physically and otherwise) in a much calmer, steady and healthy way. (As opposed to just being overloaded and hyperactivated by every new sight, sound and development.) I was at my wits-end with the sleep-pattern - aka deprivation - and working with Scott has been the sweetest, kindest, gentlest AND EFFECTIVE discovery for my boy.He has years (decades?) of experiences with kids and infants, but also works with adults (has also now done wonders for my husband and mother).Maybe you're already looking for a cranio-sacral specialist or osteopath - maybe you've tried everything else and don't know what to do - definitely give Scott a try. He is wonderful, kind, accommodating, knowledgeable, gentle, AND EFFECTIVE. :)I don't have any ties with Scott, aside from being an extremely happy customer, and just thought I would share the brilliant resource with the community in case anyone else is looking for relief.