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     Hope Vet
    Hope Vet
    390 Atlantic Avenue
    Zip Code:
    Boerum Hill

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    Reviewed by 2018Review
    On 14-Aug-2018
    Subject:  2018 Review
    Comment:  I had to put my 17 year old dog down and I chose to do it at home with Hope Vet. They were AMAZING!! Granted I took her to Hope Vet the whole time, so I knew them and had a relationship with the practice. They specialized in geriatric pets, so I felt like my dog got really wonderful care, all the way to the end. It was a lovely at home experience. It was a little expensive (though I can't remember exactly how much) but I remember feeling like it was completely and utterly worth it.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 30-Dec-2013
    Subject:  SUMMARY: Vets who treat guinea pigs
    Comment:  I used to take my guinea pigs to Hope Vet on Atlantic and also Prospect Heights Animal Hospital on Flatbush. Both seemed pretty knowledgable, maybe Hope Vet a little more so. Good luck to your piggie!
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 30-Dec-2013
    Subject:  Vets who treat guinea pigs
    Comment:  Hope Vet on Atlantic Avenue near Bond St treated our hamster and they see guinea pigs too.