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    Sofia Drosinos, MD - Columbia University Medical Center
    Sofia Drosinos, MD - Columbia University Medical Center
    635 Madison Ave
    New York
    Zip Code:
    (212) 317-4541
    Lenox Hill

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    On 03-Mar-2015
    Subject:  Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey
    Comment:  Member Review: I knew where I wanted to deliver (New York Presbyterian Sloan Hospital for Women at 165th and Broadway) due to their neontal intensive care unit (if it were needed) and Dr. Drosinos was a doctor that I had heard was very good with the Columbia OB/GYN physicians. She's a wonderful doctor, but in her own words she's not a touchy feely type...but this is what I like. She was straight to the point during appointments, yet left time for questions, clear in the pregnancy "rules" and during delivery very motivating (and she's touchy feely when you need her to be). My husband loved working with her during delivery. When our daughter's heart rate dropped during delivery she was calm, quick and comforting. Insurance details: I have 1199SEIU and it covered all of her services. Review based on birth of 2014 baby
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    On 29-Oct-2013
    Subject:  Responses to: ISO ob-gyn who takes Aetna
    Comment:  Sofia Drosinos. She is with Columbia U Medical Center