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    Tonya Benham (VIOLIN)
    Tonya Benham (VIOLIN)

    Tonya Benham has been a professional violinist and educator for over twenty years. She studied with some of the best and looks forward to bringing her experience and expertise to your children. Your children will begin a unique musical journey, be challenged and rewarded, develop listening and communication skills, learn to read music, be creative, deepen their self confidence, and have lots of fun along the way.  She prides herself on her ability to recognize each individual’s own unique way of learning and to share exceptional violin technique in a positive and fun manner. She has maintained a violin studio in Brooklyn for over ten years where she lives with her husband and young daughter.

    For further information visit http://tonyabenham.com or email tonya@tonyabenham.com

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    On 19-Sep-2013
    Subject:  Violin teacher review - Tonya Benham
    Comment:  Tonya Benham is a wonderful violin teacher. She loves violin and instills this love for her art in her students. She is positive and kind, and the kids feel they are valued for their efforts. However, she also teaches the children the value and the fulfillment that practice and dedication can bring to your violin skills. She is a true artist, and sees the musical potential in all of her students and finds a way to connect to this potential and excite them about violin or any other music pursuits the child might ultimately be interested in.