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    Arc Learning Group
    Arc Learning Group
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    We are an innovative learning and tutoring company. We believe learning starts early and results are best achieved through personalized attention and coaching. We work closely with elementary, middle and high school students to provide subject tutoring, test preparation for the SAT, ACT and high school admissions tests, and college admissions consulting. Our tutors are highly successful educators who customize their teaching approach to students’ individual needs. Together, we help students achieve academic success and inspire them to excellence in life.


    $75 off tutoring for new customers. One-time use per family.

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    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 19-Sep-2013
    Subject:  Recco for Arc Learning - TEST Prep for K through 12
    Comment:   wanted to put in a good word for test prep company Arc Learning. My 5th grader is preparing for the private middle school tests, ISEE, and they have been so great that I could not help posting my very first recommendation on PSP. From everything I have heard, most of these test prep places are cookie cutter and don't particularly care about the specific needs/personality of a student. The folks at Arc took the time to get to know as much as they could about my son before sending over a tutor that they thought would be a good match for our son. The tutor, David, has taken a keen interest in our son's background and interests and they have formed a rapport in a few short sessions. Arc also follows up diligently after each prep session etc. So, there PSP parents, if you are looking for a test prep for any grade or requirement from K-12, you may want to give Arc a look.