Subsidized Childcare Programs

Useful resources:

- NYC's Child Care Wizard will help you learn whether you qualify for financial help, and then help you with your family’s application.

- New York State's Child Care Services: Help Paying for Child Care

PSP member tips:

- "Call ACS though and talk to someone (we were told to actually call twice and talk to two people because there is a LOT of turnover in those jobs) to find out if they qualify in a way that is not apparent on the websites.  Some co-ops also offer scholarships/tuition reduction.  You might qualify for other assistance like SNAP, depending on how much you're making."

-"You or a rep from one of the organizations above might call well established schools and explain the situation to the owner/director and see what they say. A lot of these schools offer scholarships, aid, and payment plans but don't publicize them widely."

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