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    Lopopolo Ironworks
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    On 29-Oct-2013
    Subject:  Reviews of/referrals to contractors - Home Renovation (summary)
    Comment:  Lopopolo Iron Works - did our steel deck and did a great job. Joe Lopopolo is really good at what he does. Found via Brownstoner, lots of recommendations and we learned after hiring them that they did half the decks across the street from us.
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 30-Jul-2013
    Subject:  Re: ISO advice about renovating a brownstone
    Comment:  We also used Lopopolo Iron works for our deck work, and they were terrific.
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    On 23-Jun-2013
    Subject:  Lopopolo ironworks
    Comment:  I want to give a shout-out to Joe Lopopolo at Lopopolo Ironworks who just finished building us a steel deck today.Joe does all kinds of steel work and after hiring him I learned that two neighbors used him for their steel/cement decks - one maybe 15 years ago and one 4 years ago, just a coincidence. He (and I think his father) has been in the business for a long time. I hired him because I liked his "flat metal slat" deck that's kind of a cross between an elegant fire escape and a metal Italian veranda, that I had read about on brownstoner, and reached out to him. it's a legal steel deck for permitting purposes, it's (hopefully) not bad to walk on and lets light and water through (and we have a deck below the new one, so had to think about not eclipsing the lower floor's space). Now, it's brand spanking new so it hasn't been time-tested, but it looks great.I have affiliation to him - I'm just happy to have hired him.