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    MOD Restoration
    MOD Restoration
    5726 1st Ave
    Zip Code:
    (347) 442-1900
    Sunset Park

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    On 26-Dec-2015
    Subject:  Re: Chair Re-caning
    Comment:  We used Mod in Industry City/Sunset Park to get our old mid-century modern chair re-caned. They did an excellent job but were very expensive and their customer service sucked. They ask for you to pay half up front (which was fine), then half when the work is done. They ask you to pay via e-check online before you pick up your completed furniture, which I did the day before, but when I got their they said that payment hadn't fully gone through yet (it was "in process") and they didn't want to give me my chair back. I offered to give them cash but they didn't want to then have to refund the check that I had already sent them, so we ended up settling it with my leaving my credit card # with them (which made me very uncomfortable) in case the check didn't clear (of course it cleared). They only give you two weeks for pickup and after that they start charging you more money (which is why I wanted to pick it up that day). All of that to say, they have lots of rules, are extremely inflexible, are a bit difficult to get to (their location within the building is a whole other story), but they did excellent work. So if all else fails, (and I hope it doesn't), you can check them out!
    Reviewed by Administrator
    On 21-Mar-2013
    Subject:  Re: Great upholsterer for antique furniture
    Comment:  MOD Restoration in Sunset Park. They do fabulous work.Great local business started by 2 young entrepreneurs with a very interesting history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= This video is on the brain because I just saw it this morning and was so impressed!I have purchased fabric from them but have not had pieces reupholstered (yet). Many of my clients have taken beat up furniture to MOD and all have been happy with the quality as well as the overall customer experience.