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    On 10-Jun-2015
    Subject:  review for Amy Salinger, Stylist
    Comment:  I recently had the greatest experience working with stylist Amy Salinger. I'm a park slope mom who returned to the working world after being at home with my kids for 8 years. Not only did I head back to work but took a job in marketing at a fashion and lifestyle e-commerce site and believe me, my background and lifestyle was far from fashionable. I was so scared and intimated at the prospect of having to buy an entire new wardrobe but Amy was absolutely fantastic and helped me every step of the way.Though Amy, normally starts by coming to your home and doing a closet clean out and refresh, she completely understood that in my case there was no reason to do this and saved me several hours and lots of $ in this process.The process with Amy is fun, intense, emotional and exciting. I showed up at Lord & Taylor's Personal Shopping department and walked into a room full of clothes, shoes and jewelry in my size and varying styles. I'm a plus size mom and that added an entire level of fear. Amy walked me through everything. Showed me how to put the clothes together, listened to me when I really was uncomfortable in a certain article of clothing and most importantly, helped me see how good I could look at any size and how I can't keep hiding behind yoga pants and black t-shirts.Amy was also incredibly thoughtful of my budget and took great care not to go overboard. After our initial day of shopping she worked on her own to buy a few items for me, had them shipped directly to me and then we met again to have a session where we put all the outfits together. Anything that required a return or size change, she took care of. The worst part of working with Amy is that having a stylist is addictive! HA! Now that I'm loving my new wardrobe, I'm looking forward to working with Amy again in the winter.... Everyone should have the opportunity to work with Amy. It's not indulgent. It's a great asset.
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    On 18-Jul-2013
    Subject:  Business Review - Amy Salinger, Personal Stylist
    Comment:  I wanted to add my voice to the multiple positive reviews of Amy that I’ve read on PSP, it was one of these posts that originally led me to her.I’ve never been fashionable (I work in IT…), but between exhaustion and some left over baby weight I found myself seven months after the end of maternity leave schlepping to work almost every day in one of two pairs of too-big Gap pants and one of a handful of old cardigans. I felt poorly about how I was dressing, but didn’t see how it could be possible to find time to overhaul my wardrobe.Amy was absolutely the answer. I called with some initial questions and felt that I could trust her. She understood that, at least for me, it wasn’t just about fixing my clothes - it was also about restoring my confidence that I could juggle a baby and a job and still dress like an adult. Ultimately we met three times – the first time she reviewed and purged all of the old, poorly fitting clothes from my closet. The second visit was a shopping trip, and during the third visit she came back to my house and pulled together all of my new and old clothes into more than 60 summer outfits.It’s amazing- I now flip through the pictures she left me each morning, pick out an outfit and head out the door quickly and happily. I’m so grateful for the whole experience – and as I said to my friends ‘I feel like I won a game show prize’.
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    On 07-Jul-2013
    Subject:  Shout Out: Amy Salinger, incredible fashion stylist
    Comment:  I recently had the pleasure of working with Amy Salinger, a fashion stylist based in Long Island City, and thought I would share my experience with you all.As a new mom returning to work and not feeling so great about my body or my wardrobe, I thought it would be nice to have a professional help me revamp and organize my closet. I happened to find Amy's info at a local store and decided to give her a call. Amy sorted through my clothes, told me what to keep and what to toss and helped me supplement the remainder with carefully-selected pieces that have significantly extended my wardrobe. In the process she was mindful of my time and budget. As Amy put outfits together for me, she took pictures of each, complete with shoes and accessories, so that I never have to think about getting dressed in the morning - which has been huge as my husband and I get through our morning craziness each day trying to take care of the baby while getting ready for work. I now have a ton of outfits that I can put together, but the great thing is that I don't have an overwhelming amount of clothes (or a humongous credit card bill). My husband, friends and colleagues - including my boss and my boss's boss - have all been extremely complimentary of how I look.That has been a huge confidence booster for me. And it was also really great to hear someone as stylish and knowledgeable as Amy say "you look great in these outfits". She is in the process of filming a TV show, but despite her busy schedule she was able to make time for me and I felt like she was 100% engaged in helping me. She was also really fun to be around. I really can't say enough about her talent and personality. I am so glad I called her, and I'm sure there are some of you who might be interested in doing something similar. She works with both women and men.
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    On 08-May-2013
    Subject:  Recommendation: Stylist/Wardrobe consultant/personal shopper
    Comment:  Wanted to post a shout-out for a wonderful fashion stylist/ personal shopper, Amy Salinger ( http://amysalinger.net/ ). I know several people, myself included, have posted requests for recommendations for someone to help with the "closet full of clothes, nothing to wear" phenomenon. I talked to a dozen stylists, and Amy is the best.She came over for a few hours and helped me sort out my clothes, figure out what to get rid of (pre-pregnancy clothes, unflattering leftovers from high school, etc) and how to wear the things I ALREADY OWN! That was the best part-- she made tons of new, fantastic outfits from things I had in my closet, no shopping required. She helped me get out of my t-shirt-and-mom-jeans rut and look put-together, even just when taking my kid to the playground.Amy is fun, upbeat, supportive, encouraging, and fun to hang out with. She REALLY listens, and really gets it. I plan to have her back for a winter-clothes session! I can't recommend her highly enough. And if you, like me, think that you don't want to spend this money on a consultant, just know that this actually saved me money-- I can stop buying things that don't actually work for me, and wear things I already own. Totally worth it.
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    On 07-Apr-2013
    Subject:  recommendation for personal shopper / stylist
    Comment:  if anyone is looking for a personal shopper / stylist i highly recommend amy salinger. my husband bought me some time with her as a gift recently and it was FABULOUS! i was going back to work after my second maternity leave, had nothing to wear and no time to do any shopping. she saved me a ton of time AND a ton of money. she did all the shopping for me, brought it all to my house together with shoes, coats, bags, accessories, styled it all, took things to the tailor that needed altering, and took back to the stores anything i didn't want or didn't fit. it was by far the most painless shopping experience i have ever had, cost far less than we had budgeted for and is so much better than using a personal shopping service at one of the big stores. she didn't buy anything expensive, almost everything was on sale and she was really savvy about what not to spend a lot of money on. she spent so much less than i would have done if i'd done it myself. i have so many clothes now i actually have a choice of what to wear for the first time in my life. and i'm getting lots of compliments on how i don't look like i've just had a baby! why oh why didn't i do this before?!?! worth every penny. no affiliation other than a happy, much better dressed customer.