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    Medical Ear Piercing
    Medical Ear Piercing
    Chelsea, Manhattan
    New York

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    Reviewed by 2019Review
    On 10-Feb-2019
    Subject:  Where to get ears pierced?
    Comment:  Medical ear piercing in Manhattan. Expensive, but they will do numbing & it's v calm. Lots of infants having it done there.
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 19-Dec-2012
    Comment:  I just wanted to give those who were interested an update on having my daughters ears pierced. Several of you asked that I post to the list. I took my daughter to Medical Ear Piercing in Chelsea last Thursday. Her ears came out beautiful and we had a good experience. It cost $90. Here's the nitty gritty: This is an office building and the piercing is done inside of a "wellness spa" where other services like acupuncture, massage, waxing, etc are done. The room where the piercing was done was clean. The materials used to do the piercing were factory sealed (and shown to me before they were opened). Marlon, who did the piercing is a registered nurse--his license is available -on the wall in the room. The clientele is mostly babies, but there were several adults waiting as well. Be prepared for your baby to cry. My daughter cried while it was going on (that was rough) but was completely fine right after. Her ears really do look beautiful and I'm happy we chose this place.August 2012
    Reviewed by PSPMemberReview
    On 19-Dec-2012
    Comment:  I took my daughter there two weeks ago and it was a wonderful experience. Marlon, the nurse who does the piercing was professional and very patient with my two month old and her nervous Nelly mother! Good luck!July 2012