Maryland: 50 States in 50 Days

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Maryland is known as the old line state, the free state, Little America or America in miniature, not because it looks like a "mini-me" of the country but because of its varied topography, from mountains to beaches and rolling hills. Maryland officially takes its name from Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I of England however, it also contains a reference to the fact that George Calvert who applied for the charter in 1629 intended it to be a haven for Catholics in the new world.

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Maryland has the highest median income of any state in the nation. Its government is notorious for attempting to collect taxes from citizens for years after leaving the state.
Famous people from Maryland include: Tori Amos, Charles Bukowski, David Byrne, Cab Calloway, Frederick Douglas, Philip Glass,Dashiel Hammett, Alger Hiss, Billy Holiday, Jeff Koons, Barry Levinson, Omar Little, Thurgood Marshall, H L Mencken, Ogden Nash, Frank O’Hara, Nancy Pelosi, Jada Pinkett Smith, Edgar Allen Poe, Parker Posey, Emily Post, Adrienne Rich, Cal Ripken Jr, Cal Ripken Sr., Babe Ruth, Sargent Shriver, Upton Sinclair, Gerturde Stein, Kathleen Turner, Anne Tyler, Mark Texiera, James Wolcott and Frank Zapa

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Only two states to go:
Mississippi and North Dakota!