Kentucky: 50 States in 50 Days

Havona and the Stony Cooks got Kentucky

Kentucky is the Bluegrass state. This is bluegrass as in actually grass, not the music, though bluegrass music is certainly made in Kentucky. If we were to play six degrees of separation, Kentucky would be one of those key names, like people on Facebook who seem to know everyone. It borders seven states: West Virginia lies to the east, Virginia to the southeast, Tennessee to the south, Missouri to the west, Illinois and Indiana to the northwest, and Ohio to the north and northeast. It serves as a sort of cross roads for the South and the Midwest. Kentucky officially supported part of the Union in the Civil War but the state split when a group of southern counties succeeded. Ironically it was the birth place of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davies, the president of the Confederacy.
Today Kentucky is known for its thoroughbred horses and horse racing, the manufacture of whisky and coal mining. Kentucky agriculture consists of horses, cattle and hogs, tobacco, dairy products, soybeans, and corn. It manufactures transportation equipment, chemical products, electric equipment, machinery and cars. It is also involved in food processing, tobacco products, coal mining. The US gold reserves are kept at Ft. Knox.
Famous people from Kentucky include: Wendell Berry, Larry Flint, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Charles Manson. Hunter S Thompson, Robert Penn Warren, Roy Bean, Daniel Boone, George Clooney, Rosemary Clooney, Tom Cruise, John Carpenter, Victor Mature, Patricia Neal, Loretta Lynn, Naomi and Wynona Judd, John James Audubon, Brian Cashman and Duncan Hines.