50 States in 50 Days: Illinois

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Did you send me this lovely picture of the Illinois plate? Please let me know so that I can thank you publically. Not only is this a nice, clear shot, Illinois is a nice state.

Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, or sometimes the Prairie State. It is the most populous state in the Midwest and home to wonderful, big-shouldered Chicago. Illinois joined the Union in 1818 and really was Abraham Lincoln’s home. Like many Illinoisans Lincoln was born in Kentucky and moved with his family to settle the newly opened land of Illinois. The name Illinois comes from the Miami – Illinois language and means “he speaks in a regular way”, very apropos for the land that gave us one of our greatest orators.
Illinois is bordered by the Mississippi River, Lake Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. Illinois agriculture is dominated by the staples: corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, dairy products, and wheat. It is also a major manufacturing center producing chemicals, machines, processed foods and fabricated metals among other things. Like many states as manufacturing declines, finance has come to play a bigger part in the economy. Chicago is a hub for banking and futures trading.
Famous people who call Illinois home include: Mary Astor, Harry Blackmun,Walt Disney, Betty Friedan, Walt Disney, John Dos Passos, Benny Goodman, Quincy Jones, Sam Shepherd, Michele Obama, Carl Sandburg, David Mamet, Rock Hudson, Richard Prior, Gloria Swanson and many, MANY more!

We are tantilizingly close to meeting our goal. Surely someone can find Misssissippi?

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