50 States in 50 Days: California

Havona strikes again!
California, Oakland no less. Is California New York's laid-back twin? Is Oakland Park Slope's twin? Yes and no. Let's just put this out there: Park Slope is Berkeley's twin, and every body knows it. Oakland seems a bit more like Jackson Heights, Queens - not quite hip, but getting there.
My view of the New York/California relationship is straight out of Annie Hall. Visiting "The Golden State" makes me feel uncomfortably like a vampire emerging into the light of day. It's not that New York isn't as sunny but somehow California seems to reflect the light upward making everything disconcertingly bright. Perhaps this is why everyone seems to talk soooooo slooowly. Even the up-tight, unhappy people are more laid back. Take your citrus and your sunshine! Give me grit and Gowanus any day!
Okay. Gross caricature over. None of it's true really. Californians are lovely and generous people who are good with plants and technology. They make nice wines and they have interesting politics.
Meanwhile, this California plate is another Havona discovery. The woman is a lean, mean licence-finding machine. California is the nation's most populous state (another good reason not to generalize) and the third largest in area behind Alaska and Texas. It borders Oregon, Nevada and Arizona on the North and East and Mexico on the South. It became a state in 1850. Agriculture makes up the largest part of California's economy but it is also well known for the technology and entertainment industries. Famous Californians include: Marilyn Monroe, John Steinbeck, Tiger Woods, Robert Redford, Richard Nixon, George Lucas, Jack London, Steve Jobs, Joe DiMaggio, Ansel Adams. Julia Child, Isadora Duncan, Robert Frost (!), Jerry Garcia and many more.

Keep those photos coming.We are still missing 11 states which I have emboldened below.

That's it for today with my apologies to the state and people of California.
Nancy-the-light,-it-burns McDermott
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