50 States in 50 Days: Arkansas

What comes of taking photos on National Coffee day
Now I know what you’re thinking… this picture of the Arkansas plate is blurry. Why would you run a blurry picture? Why indeed? The answer is that Arkansas is such a rare find that the photographer dispatched to capture the image by the South Slope’s delightful Mrs. Malchman, was so overcome with excitement that his hands would not stop trembling. Who among us would have the nerves of steel required for this task?
Arkansas is the state formerly known as “The Land of Opportunity” but presently known as “The Natural State”. Why the change? We do not know. It is nestled in a snug cubby between 6 states, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee. It takes its name from the Algonquin name for the Quapaw tribe of Native Americans and is renowned for its natural beauty and wild, extreme weather. It is home to six national parks.
In recent years Arkansas is best known as the home of Bill Clinton and Walmart but it is also the home of Tyson (the chicken people) and JB Hunt. It produces a wide variety of agricultural products including eggs, hogs, soybeans, sorgum, cattle, cotton and milk. Factories in Arkansas produce machines and machine parts, fabricated metal, paper products and automobile parts.
Famous Arkansans include: Maya Angelou, Dee Brown, Helen Gurley Brown, Bill Clinton, Glen Campbell, the Duggar family, Scott Joplin, Sonny Liston, Douglas MacArthur, Mary Steenburgen, Pat Summerall, Billy Bob Thornton and Sam Walton.
Nancy McDermott